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OMG ! It worked on my 12yr old

Ok so I was a lil iffy bout this product cuz sometimes folks blow things outta proportion! But huuuunnnnnyyyyy let me be the one to tell you bout this hear mask ! My daughter, unfortunately, started wearing deodorant way too soon and we all know that’s not good. I’m talking like used it at 7yr old. So once she needed oh boiiii did she NEED IT!!! Her sit down wind knocked the s*** outta me one day after she had got out of school. I had the mask already so I knew what we were going home to do ! ASAP ! This product is the TRUTH! I’ll stand by it on everyday that ends in a Y!!! Bottle still full and I’m actually waiting my 30mins now to rinse mine off and shower. Ladies it works on ya “GUCCI” too! You know how ya sweat sometimes down there well this product will sho nuff assist there too!!! Better order cuz it goes expeditiously!!! And yes ima real person that sweats! My English is a lil choppy but that’s me speaking from the heart bout the truth.


I'm happy as a kid on Christmas morning!!!! So happy I came across you and your product. I've been searching for a while for something like this. I was so ready to detox my armpits. I have no complaint. Very happy

Life Changing!

No seriously, This product is a must have. I hate when I run out.

Armpit detox small sample

My daughter and I, have use it and I love it. Right you do not have to use deodorant, it's your opinion. .

I need more lol

This is the best stuff on the planet I’m so sad it’s sold out I’m finally getting down to my last I need more!!! The way my skin feels and smells after using OMG!!!

BEST SOAP EVER ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

First let me start by saying The SHIPPING WAS LIGHTNING ⚡️ FAST I ordered and less than 3 Days later it was literally at my doorstep like in a FLASH!!!!! I knew then this seller was dedicated to her customers!! She’s wonderful and this SOAP has some of the best combination of amazing ingredients in a bottle!!! It has an amazing earthy aroma and the lather is astoundingly good!! Also, It makes you feel squeaky clean and washes away bacteria and balance skin microbiome especially with body acne!! I have eczema/dermatitis on my arms and upper back and this soap has changed the GAME!! I feel less itchy,dirty, and not prone to breakout whenever I use this amazing WASH! Please if you’re hesitant don’t be, buy this soap and watch your skin start to clear and stay clean much longer than traditional soap!! I’m in love with the white turmeric and its benefits! Thanks for making such a life-changing and life-enhancing product love!! 💕 I’m a customer for life and will continue to buy more!! Order the soap it’s WORTH THE WAIT AND PRICE!! 5 out of 5 for me‼️🔥

This really works so well!! I used the detox once and don’t even need to use deodorant literally no smell all day at all even after the gym!! It’s crazy I didn’t think this would work so well!! Highly recommend!!

Great product

This is the best detox system to keep your underarms and genital area clean and fresh


This body wash is amazing does the job and I will be ordering more when they restock.

It works! Feeling Refreshed

Love the way my skin feels after these products. This sample size was perfect before buying the larger sizes.

Top Tier Products

Both the mask and the oat body wash are a must have in my hygiene routine and self care regimen! The no deodorant for days is real. Also, my private parts felt so fresh after the mask for your private areas! Five star products and delivery was very quick!! Definitely restocking in a few weeks!!!

I've Been Using It Over 2 Years & Love It ! Makes My Skin Tone To Its Original Color & No Order Depending On What I Ate That Day , Week. The More Clean I Eat The Less Order I Have . I Haven't Use Deorant Over 2 Years.

I love this product!! If I could buy a lifetime supply of all their products I would. This literally changed my life. I was always self conscious about my body odor and this has been the answer to all my problems!

“Try Me First” White Turmeric & Oat Body Detox Body Wash (sample tube)

Same as armpit review, I didn't have any issues prior but wanted to try anyway. Followed instructions, did not notice a difference from using the product.

Thank you so much for your purchase and feedback love. :)

Tried the samples each day until it was empty. I did not see a change in the areas it suggested would be a difference. Nice concept but doesn't work.

Thank you so much for your purchase and personal feedback love. :)

I swear by it.

I swear by this product! I don’t use nothing else other than this! I ration it out because I know it gets sold out quickly and sometimes before I get a chance to order another set! Love it! You are in need of help with order control this is it!

Detox Samples

When I say this does wonders for the armpits !!!!! I’m so glad I found this for my daughter … Starting puberty and hormones, body changing ect. this is perfect for hygiene especially when they have really bad musty pits :(

Bundle Review

I absolutely love all three products. I was really hesitant about it since everything else I tried did not work. The armpit detox works wonders even when I am working out, I don’t smell anything! I hardly sweat as much now. The wash also keeps my body fresh and my skin smooth. I will continue to purchase these products. I hope this never runs out or never stops being made.

I'm so glad I came in contact with this product

I've been looking for something to work for about a year and I'm so thankful this products worked. Now to get the full bottles.

Love this. The rash cleared really fast

Finally something that works!!!

Omg!!! Im so happy I found this business!! Ive been transitioning from toxic hygiene products to natural non-toxic hygiene products for awhile and its been a funky journey!! Lol, but I am committed and this armpit/genital detox will help me to stay committed to using less toxic products. I dont want to go back to aluminum products because it caused hyperpigmentation and swollen lymph nodes near my breasts. I will definitely be ordering the full sizes. So grateful!! 💜


I feel fresher longer after the tub it feels amazing going on no irritation, I’m loving the genitalia Detox. I haven’t Tried the underarm Detox yet I wanted to wait a few days after my wax heals but I will be back!